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Revolutionary new ideas. New style resumes. Power letters. 20+ ways to get interviews. Much
easier and faster. Use any of our 70 Insider Briefing Reports... by Job Hunting SuperSearch.
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Job Hunting SuperSearch Executive Edition

Job Hunting SuperSearch Executive Edition

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Access all 60 Briefings and get our 4 valuable services for accelerating your job campaign. Have 24/7 access worldwide for 12 months.

1—You Can Use Our Online Career History Profile.

When you complete this profile, it helps you uncover everything of marketing value about yourself... all your skills, strengths, and experience factors... and more. This thought provoking profile can help give you new ideas on personal assets and ways to use them when telling your story in written materials... or in interviews

2—You Get a Marketability Comparison Report

For professionals with 7 to 30+ years experience, this is the only report of its kind in the world. In 7 minutes you complete an online checklist of hundreds of factors impacting marketability. Once submitted, you instantly download a remarkable15 page report comparing you to 2,000 others in your income range, along with insights for lifting your marketability.

3—We Create & Host Your Marketing Website

Choose from an impressive selection of 100+ designs...and your website, featuring your best resume, can be put up in minutes. For searching long distance, networking and other actions, using a marketing website has helped others to get up to 20x more views of their resumes.Our software also allows you to change designs at any time.

4—We Provide a Resume Analysis Report

Email your preferred resume at any time and one of our staffwill review it and send a detailed written analysis